Jindal Pex Tubes Pvt Ltd

Plastic Crimp Fittings

Innovation in the Multilayer Composite Pipe has enabled us to develop Plastic Crimp Fittings called crimp-fit that are made from Engineering Plastic suitable for potable water supply. These high quality Plastic Crimp Fittings combine the advantages of both metal and plastic yet prove to be very cost-effective. Recommended for both hot and cold water supply as well as Chemicals & Foodstuff, these Plastic Crimp Fittings are designed for easy handling and fast connections.

The MLCP pressing system enables connections to be established within a matter of seconds without welding or soldering. The externally fixed press sleeve, which is permanently connected to the fitting, offers protection against mechanical influences on the o-rings. The press sleeve has inspection windows to check the insertion depth of the pipe in the fitting before pressing. The plastic stop ring on the shaped aluminum press sleeve simplifies the task of attaching the pressing jaws. The stop rings are colour coded to ensure an optical press marking. After the pressing procedure the rings fall off. The pressing jaws and the stop rings of the same dimension have been marked with the same colour code. After installation, the connection is capable of absorbing bending forces, due to the form stable press sleeve, without any leakage occurring. Further, these types of Plastic Crimp Fittings are being widely demanded across Europe and America.

  • Germ resistant
  • Resistant to corrosive damage
  • Precision engineered
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Resistant to fluctuations

Demanded for
  • Hot & Cold Water Supply
  • Chemical Supply
  • Healthcare industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Sugar industry
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Petroleum sector
  • Water supply plants